We’re thrilled to share the official opening date for RAFI URBNSURF on Thursday, 25th July – bookings are now open!

Papa Salt Cocktail Competition 2024

Applejack x Papa Salt Shakedown

We hosted a cocktail competition in collaboration with Papa Salt gin where contestants had to shake, stir & pour their own creations.

Applejack bartenders were tasked with creating a unique coastal inspired cocktail reflecting the theme: Sun, Surf and Sand. Each creation had to showcase Papa Salt gin and be available to be bottled or on tap. The cocktail will be served at Applejack’s newest venture URBNSURF Sydney, launching in Autumn 2024.

The winner will not only claim bragging rights but also earn 50 cents from every cocktail sold. Runners-up were awarded with bottles of Papa Salt and exclusive merch. Additionally, all participants left with their very own bottles of the featured gin.

Pacific Rose cocktail

Applejack staff and the 7 contestants gathered at the rooftop at Taphouse Sydney. Everyone was welcomed with a Papa Salt gin & tonic, giving the contestants a chance to mingle and get ready for the competition.

Each contestant was given 8 minutes to create their cocktail, explaining to the crowd the steps took and the inspiration behind their concoction. The three judges assessed the drinks, considering factors such as flavour, appearance, presentation, and the practicality of bottling or putting the cocktail on tap.

RAFI bartender Eli Blaszczynski took the crown with his hibiscus and orange flavoured Pacific Rose, with runners up Matt Johnson (Taphouse) and Chris Pennington (SoCal) taking second and third place respectively.

Thank you to all our amazing contestants, judges and everyone who attended. It was a fantastic evening on the breezy rooftop with the blue and white hues setting the perfect backdrop for the coastal themed competition.

Check out each contestant’s cocktail below…

Eli Blaszczynski - "Pacific Rose" RAFI

Hibiscus simple syrup, orange oleo-soda, Cocchi Americano Aperitivo, saltbush infused Papa Salt, hibiscus & orange peel sherbet rim


Matt Johnson - "Mango Margot" Taphouse

Marionette blue curacao, mango, lime leaf, coconut milk, mango skin Tajin, plus sugar & citric acid rim

Chris Pennington - "Sydney Rock Spritz" SoCal Sydney

Basil infused Papa Salt Gin, elderflower liqueur, lemon juice, grapefruit juice, prosecco syrup, orange blossom water


Corey Crain - "Surfside Spritz" The Botanist

Papa Salt Coastal Gin, White Grape Makgeoli (Korean Rice Wine), Shio Kombu infused verjus, sugar syrup, garnished with sea grapes


Carlos Anderson - "Papa's Punch" RAFI North Sydney

Watermelon rind & habañero infused Papa Salt Gin, Averna Amaro, watermelon juice, lime juice, saline, clarified with milk, garnished with watermelon skin


Allan - "Salty Ocean" Bopp & Tone

Samphire infused Papa Salt Gin, lemon juice, grapefruit, pink salt saline solution, Fino Sherry, sugar syrup, garnished with samphire


Antonio D'Ambrosio - "Seaside Breeze" Bopp & Tone

Papa salt gin, kombu oil, dry vermouth, caperberry, sea parsley

Gin lovers, get ready to try Eli’s cocktail at URBNSURF Sydney, opening in Autumn 2024.