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Young Henrys Fresh is Best

Applejack Teams Up With Young Henrys for their ‘Fresh is Best’ Initative

Fresh beer that travels less is better for both the planet and for the taste buds!

Located in the vibrant suburb of Newtown in Sydney, Young Henrys Brewery stands as a beloved establishment known for its exceptional local beer. This independent craft brewery has earned a special place in the hearts of locals and beer enthusiasts alike.

What sets Young Henrys apart is their passion for supporting the local community, collaborating with neighbourhood businesses and artists to create limited-edition brews that capture the spirit of Newtown.

This June & July, we’ve teamed up with Young Henrys, bringing their local beers to our restaurants and bars around Sydney! In May, the Applejack team paid a visit to the renowned Young Henrys brewery, immersing themselves in the brewery’s operations and values. Indulge in a winter journey across Applejack’s venues, where you can enjoy Young Henrys Newtowner beers all June & July! See the offers below and pop by for a beer or two.

The Offers:

The Botanist Kirribilli – Young Henry’s ‘Newtowner’ Pale Ale – $9 Cans
SoCal Sydney – Young Henry’s ‘Newtowner’ Pale Ale – “Pints for Schooners” – $7 Pints in Happy Hour (4:30pm-6:30pm, Mon – Fri)
The Butler Potts Point – Young Henry’s ‘Newtowner’ Pale Ale – $9 Cans
Forrester’s Surry Hills – Young Henry’s ‘Newtowner’ Pale Ale – “Pints for Schooners” – $7 Pints for Happy Hour (4pm-6pm, Mon-Fri)
RAFI North Sydney – Young Henry’s ‘Newtowner’ Pale Ale – $8 Schooners for Happy Hour (4pm-6pm, Mon-Fri)
Bopp & Tone – Young Henry’s ‘Newtowner’ Pale Ale – $7 Schmiddys for Happy Hour (4pm-6pm, Mon-Fri)