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Stand Up Vs. Sit Down Style Events

Planning a celebration? Find out which style is right for your next event & how Applejack can help bring it to life!

Choosing between seated or cocktail style celebration can be a difficult decision.

Covid -19 restrictions we have become use to sit-down style events which work great for certain occasions, but sometimes we miss the freedom and fun of cocktail celebrations.

So, what’s the difference between sit down & cocktail style events? And what should I choose for my next soiree?

Sit down events:

At Sit Down events guests generally have designated seats, with full table settings and a full set menu. Sit Down events can be an efficient way to run larger events such as awards nights, where everyone is seated in a certain order. They are also a lovely way to treat your guests to a luxurious more intimate style event.

Why not hire out our Private Dining Room at Bopp & Tone? Hold an intimate dining experience like no other! Plus we have Christmas in July coming up, perfect for your next celebration.


Cocktail style events:

Cocktail style events are run with the purpose of mingling and socializing. Food and drinks can be served by waiters at various times, rather than a set sitting and usually are canape style. Cocktail events create a fun and inviting atmosphere, in which people can talk and meet new people.

The SoCal terrace is the perfect space for a stand-up celebration with live music and flowing canapes. Or throw a cocktail style event upstairs in our Kings Head Room at Tap Rooms, taking in our historic building in the heart of The Rocks.



Which is best for my event?

Which event style you choose is completely up to the host’s own tastes, the occasion and the size of the event. As mentioned earlier an event with a tight schedule such as an awards night or presentation would suit a Sit Down style celebration.

For a fun, relaxed environment opt for a Cocktail style event, perfect for birthdays or engagement parties.

In the end, choose the style that you think you and your guests would enjoy the most.


Whatever way you are looking to celebrate, Applejack has the venue and style to suit you. From venues with a more relaxed vibe, to luxury. From private rooms to whole venue events. We are here to help make your next event run as smoothly as possible.

Find out more & book your next celebration with us. Explore our venues below & enquire today!