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International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day At Applejack

A celebration of the strong and inspiring women in our company.

Tilly Robinson, Applejack team member and creative writing student penned her thoughts about International Women’s Day and interviewed female leaders to understand how the industry is evolving. Tilly is from the Blue Mountains and fell in love with writing during lockdown. She now studies creative writing at Macquarie University and enjoys writing short stories and poetry.

Since moving to Sydney 3 years ago, she found her first job with Applejack, making lifelong friends and connections. She found that she felt supported by the company throughout her progression, starting out as a waitress and eventually becoming floor supervisor. She is now working in Central Reservations for the company.

International Women’s Day at Applejack

By Tilly Robinson

International Women’s Day is important to acknowledge the progression of women’s rights and equality around the world. At Applejack Hospitality we continue to celebrate our female leaders and staff members by acknowledging their efforts and accomplishments. With 36 female leaders across the group and 38% out of the 313 employees being female (a whopping increase of 16% since 2019), plus 51% representation of females in leadership roles, we are proud to create an inclusive workplace across all our venues.

Applejack Hospitality is constantly creating equal opportunities for all genders from flexible working policies, professional development initiatives and mentoring programs, to providing equal pay for work of equal or comparable value, while supporting the career development and growth of anyone who is looking for a career in hospitality.

We spoke to some of our fellow female coworkers about how they feel being a female in hospitality and how the industry has changed since they started working.

Operations Manager: Holly McMahon

“As a female in hospitality from the age of 16, I would definitely say it has its challenges. It has pushed me to be confident, outspoken and break stereotypes. Applejack has supported and encouraged my development, making all of this possible and becoming an inspiration for many young women within the company.

I would say that the industry is definitely changing in its attitude towards women in General Manager/Licensee positions. In the last year, I have had the pleasure of meeting women in these roles as I have been networking in Sydney and it is very empowering”.

The Butler Head Chef: Amber Doig

“Thanks to the work of those past and present on the ongoing fight for equality, I don’t believe my gender has played a part in holding me back in what I wanted to achieve.

Much work is to be done towards equality, but I am hopeful for the next generation and I love seeing the allied ship grow between all genders. I am grateful for coming up in nurturing environments from the very start, and continuing this on in my own space. For me, this has helped inclusivity become normalised and an expectation. I am proud to have helped to make inclusivity the rule not the exception and will continue to play my part in this”.

RAFI Assistant Manager: Isabela Tuono

“I love that we are able to see more and more women in this industry! There is still long to go, but I can see the difference. I have worked with really powerful women in hospitality, from managers to head chefs to waitresses, and and I have learned from every single one of them.

I’m very lucky to work with amazing women in the company that I admire so much! Hospitality can be a very stressful job, and it’s not for everyone, but having a group of women that are there to support and understand the hard work of each other is just great”. 

As someone who started in a waitress position at Applejack, I have found it inspiring to work alongside these women and their encouragement has allowed me to grow. It’s important to continue to have these conversations about our experiences in order to raise awareness about the inequalities that women still face day to day.