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Humans of Applejack: Vadawn Buhler

Meet The Applejack Team: Vadawn Buhler, Group Events Manager.

Vadawn joined Applejack as Bopp & Tone Events Manager nearly 4 years ago, before taking time off to have her baby Aila, and returning earlier this year to the role of Group Events Manager. Vadawn has played a significant part in coordinating events across Applejack and leading the talented team of Events Managers in our 6 restaurants and bars.

We got to know Vadawn a little better, chatting about all things Applejack, her hospitality career, and her current role as Group Events Manager.

Let’s Chat…

Tell us about yourself?

Originally from Scotland, I have worked in many locations around Australia and the UK.

I’ve been in the Hospitality and Events industry for 22 years (EEEEEK!), working across a wide variety of venues from large 5-star hotels to a glass event boat on Sydney harbour and every size and type of hospitality venue in between…! I have also had a stint on the agency side so I know how it feels to be a booker as well as the venue and being a mum (which is a whole new world of planning!).

What is your favourite part of your job?

The people! The team, colleagues, bosses, clients, suppliers… all of them are just wonderful people and make coming to work feel like a holiday.

What's your most memorable event at Applejack?

The Bushfire Benefit event at Bopp & Tone. It was just the most amazing event to be part of.

What is your best event hosting tip?

Keep it simple! It’s always important to establish a good foundation and don’t overcomplicate things.

Why should someone apply to be an events manager at Applejack?

Applejack is amazing! The culture within each venue and the group as a whole are spectacular, it’s cheesy but I genuinely feel like we are one team with one dream! Our teams are fun, creative, and loving, it’s exciting to come to work every day. There is a solid career path here too, with tons of support from management and HR. And last but not least, our clients are all so lovely, fun quirky events to work on that keep the job interesting and varied.

Looking for a job with career progression, training, and where every day is different? Interested in working with Vadawn? A job in the Applejack Events team is for you!

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