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Applejack Covid-19 Plan

Applejack’s COVID-19 PLAN

As a business, our priority has always been your experience and wellbeing at our restaurants, bars and cafes.

With the recent Government advice around the COVID-19 virus and measures that have been taken to combat the spread of this, Applejack Hospitality would like to take this opportunity to document our own company policies and procedures around the issue.

The three principles behind this company strategy are categorised as follows:

  • To keep our employees/company informed, compliant, safe and healthy whilst in the workplace;

  • Ensure we have measures in place to limit the spread of the virus within our business models;

  • Outline the actions the company has in place should there be a suspected or confirmed outbreak within the workplace;

Our Policies

Venue Health & Hygiene Policy

Considering the recent events and the World Health Organisation’s announcement regarding COVID-19, we want to ensure all of our guests, regulars and upcoming event customers are well aware of our actions to keep our venues safe and sanitised.

Health and hygiene practices at our restaurants have always been of high importance, and we have implemented precautionary measures to ensure our environments continue to remain safe. 

In an attempt to limit the transmission of the virus through contact, we have been proactively adhering to the advice issued by the Department of Health at both Federal and State levels. Please find below Applejack’s updated hygiene policy.  

The following guidelines are in place:

Guest and staff sanitising procedures:

  • Hand sanitising units have been installed for all staff and guests to use at the entrances of our venues and in our bathrooms, kitchens and bars.
  • All staff must adhere to our on-shift cleanliness checklist, which includes thoroughly washing hands throughout their shift especially following payment transactions, clearing plates and glassware and after breaks.
  • Keeping physical contact to a minimum i.e. handshakes, hugs.

Venue cleaning procedures:

  • Rigorous cleaning checklist in place for our external cleaning companies.
  • Every table will be sanitised before and after use.
  • All railings, handles, doorknobs, cupboard doors and bar tops will be sanitised daily.
  • Regular cleaning of all surfaces and equipment throughout the day.

Vaccination Stance

Getting vaccinated is an important step we need to take to bring us closer to life as we knew it. Our freedom to enjoy together time at Applejack is only a jab away! We promise all staff will be fully vaccinated and we want you to feel comfortable and safe while dining with us. We have rebranded from ‘Applejack’ to ‘Applejab to encourage people to get vaccinated against Covid-19This is vital so that we, and the entire hospitality community, can reopen for our customers in a safe environment. Read more here >

Employee Health Policy

The health and well-being of our people is of utmost importance, please read below our company policy on how to approach coming into contact with a potential/confirmed COVID-19 carrier, or if you’re feeling symptoms of illness.  

Staff illness management plan:

If a staff member is feeling ill, having difficulty breathing or have come into contact with a person suspected of carrying Covid-19, they must:

  • Seek medical attention immediately by calling your doctor or hospital for further advice.
  • Must not come to work until you have been advised by their healthcare professional and they are cleared of not having the virus

Staff international travel policy:

  • Staff who are returning home from overseas are required to seek medical advice and tested immediately for Covid-19 before returning to work.
  • Isolation os required for 14 days.
  • You may return to work once your doctor has confirmed you are fit and healthy.

We would like to emphasise the importance of ensuring everyone feels safe in a clean environment, so if you are unwell or showing symptoms please be mindful of your interactions with others and seek medical advice.

How We’re Looking After Our People

We’re doing everything we can to look after our employees. Health is our number one priority for staff & guests. We’re communicating regularly and have a strategic plan to reduce the impact in the case of significant trade slowdown or forced closure. We have an Employee Assistance Program in place for anyone feeling anxious or uncertain, we’re here to support you through this time best we can.

With so much information to digest and a lot of uncertainty in the world, remember we’re all going through this together & we need to support each other. Reach out to friends, colleagues and family and ask if they are doing OK – a simple text could reassure someone’s worries. Always remember to be kind.

We encourage you to continue to support local businesses while it is still safe to do so, and we promise to continue to deliver exceptional experiences for you to enjoy!

If you have any queries about our health and hygiene policy please email:

HR and staffing: [email protected]
Media & general enquiries: [email protected]
Event customers: [email protected]