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Did Somebody Say Margaritas?

Who doesn’t love a good margarita? From a Tommy’s to a classic and even a spicy, there’s a margarita for everyone!

Applejack is known for shaking some of the best margies in Sydney, so we thought we would take a look at where to find the best margies at Applejack right now.


Being the signature drink of SoCal, the constant sound of margaritas shaking can be heard walking up the stairs. With 4 staple margaritas and a rotating seasonal special, margarita lovers have found their place. From our Spicy Senorita to seasonal margarita’s there are enough margarita options to get your mouth watering.

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The Butler:

Coming soon to The Butler, the new Tommy’s Margarita’s Winter Special! Although not usually written on the menu, regulars know that The Butlers Margaritas are some of the tastiest around. There’s no better way to finish off your arvo than sipping on margies, overlooking the city skyline. Stay tuned for all the details, coming soon…

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The Spiced Grapefruit Margarita is a favourite here at Forrester’s. With Jalapeño Olmeca Altos Plata Tequila, ruby grapefruit, agave, lime, and a chilli salt rim, you’ll struggle to find a tastier margarita in Surry Hills. If you like to spice things up then this is the Margie for you!

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Are you a Margie lover? Take a tour around our Applejack venues and try them out for yourselves. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

Or want to learn how to make a margarita yourself? Check out this recipe blog of how to Make the perfect Tommy’s Margarita!