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What your coffee order says about you

Your coffee order can tell a lot about the kind of person you are.

We’ve been pouring coffees at June’s Shoppe and Hester’s in Wynyard for a while now and have got to know the kinds of people behind their coffee order.

From lattes to piccolos, keep reading to find out what your coffee order says about you!


You are laid back, dependable and stylish, without being over the top. The most basic of coffee drinkers you are approachable, friendly, and flexible. There’s nothing wrong with being basic!

Long black:

You like to keep things simple. You are efficient, get straight to the point and hard-working. You drink coffee as it fuels your day and are always the most organised in the office.


You are stylish, fun and like to live life to the fullest. Pour in that foam, as you love to treat yourself. You drink coffee out of enjoyment rather than necessity and love to spend hours with friends over coffee dates.

Flat White:

You value the simple things and strive for consistency and stability in your life. You don’t like to go over the top, but you love a little bit of fun. You appreciate routine and might be a little bit of a control freak.


You like to get things done, hate being late and love spending time with friends and family. You prefer things in small quantities and you’re the kind of person that arrives 15 minutes early to everything.

You are an old soul. Nothing excites you more than sitting down at the end of a big day and enjoying a cuppa. You like the finer things in life and believe a good cup of tea can fix anything.

Whatever your order, drink it with pride. Hester’s and June’s in Wynyard are here to get you through your work day with hot coffee, delicious food and good times.

Applejack Cafés



Pick up your morning coffee made with a glorious Gabriel coffee roast, alongside the finest classic breakfasts… we don’t mess around. If you’d like to be a bit fancy, dine in during lunch with food from the Bopp & Tone kitchen.

June's Shoppe

June's Shoppe

June’s Shoppe is a light hearted, bright yellow café located in the heart of the city, within the Wynyard Precinct. Grab your morning coffee alongside a hot or cold brekkie. Our lunch menu includes sandwiches, rolls, toppers, bowls and hot soup.