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Meet the team: Cassie Jenkins

We sat down for a chat with Tap Rooms Bar Manager Cassie Jenkins!

Keep reading to discover how Cassie came to work with Applejack, some of the challenges she faced this past year due to COVID-19 plus her favourite beer of all time!

Can you introduce yourself and where you fit in the Applejack Family?

Hiiii, I’m Cassie, the GC or Ranga and I am the Tap rooms Bar Manager and I have been apart of the AJ family since November 2019.

What motivates you to work in hospitality?

I have worked in hospitality since I was 17 and I think it all stems from my parents who have always loved to go out for dinner even when I was a baby. I’d either be asleep under the table or off in the kitchen getting free food from the chefs (something that I still do to this day!)

I enjoy working in a team environment and seeing people have a good time whether it be my customers or my staff! Working in hospitality is very social occupation and I love seeing people interact with one another.

Why Applejack? and Why Tap Rooms?

Applejack actually found me! I had recently moved back to Australia from over 6 years in Canada and wasn’t working in the right place for me. MJ from HR contacted me and when he told me about a venue which is half a restaurant, half a brewery I was thrilled! I had been wanting to move into more of the brewing/ beer side of hospo and Tap rooms is a bit of both!

Covid-19 had a huge impact on the hospitality industry. What have been the main challenges for you during the past year? How have you learned to overcome them?

I’d say the main challenge I’ve seen and faced in hospitality is seeing the change in ways people can interact! No longer could we hug and embrace, high five or give a hand shake – we had to don face masks, stand back and kind of isolate ourselves while still being surrounded by all our customers and friends. Hospitality brings people together and it’s really great to be able to start seeing that again!

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Well as usual I am not very sure but I’ve recently started studying Horticulture and I would love to own my own business where I can combine my 3 loves – food, bevvies and plants! I’d love to grow the ingredients that go in beers, cocktails or get used in the kitchen.

Do you have a favourite beer on the menu at Tap Rooms?

My favourite beer right now would have to be the Hoppy Days XPA – nice easy drinking but my favourite beer of all time was our Grapefruit DIIPA, a little bit more full on and a party starter!

What do you love to do in your spare time?

Currently in my spare time I try out new bars and restaurants with my boyfriend, study, work out and of course tend to my plant babies!

Who inspires you?

My mum and the other strong women in my life. My mum is strong, a little bit silly and the most caring person I have ever met. Love ya mum.

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