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Humans of Applejack: Jiordy Pham

Meet The Applejack Team:
Jiordy Pham, Assistant General Manager at Forrester’s.

We chatted to Jiordy about her role as Manager at Forrester’s, her progression here at Applejack and what she loves most about being a Manager.

Jiordy has been a part of the Applejack team for over 1 year now, starting as a casual bartender at Forrester’s, working her way up to Front of House Manager. Her fast progression and development has been a sight to see, as she helps lead the Forrester’s team here in Surry Hills.


Let’s Chat…

How long have you been at Forrester’s and what has your career progression looked like?

“I’ve been at Forrester’s for almost a year and a half. I started out as a casual Bartender and I’ve worked my way up to Front of House Manager.”

What do you love about working at Forrester’s?

“The part I love about working at Forrester’s is how much fun I have every single day. Even if you have a bit of a hard day, you have so much fun and that makes it all worth it”


Why do you love being a Manager at Applejack?

“I really enjoy being a Manager at Applejack because I feel like I’m quite the people person. I feel like people can come to me if they have an issues and we can work through it together. I also love training people and getting them to where they want to be, and supporting everyone along the way. I love being a part of Applejack because of the support you get in every facet. Working here you feel supported, encouraged and really appreciated.”

What are some of your favourite memories about working at Forrester’s?

“Every week I have a new favourite memory about working at Forrester’s. We have so many opportunities to do some really cool stuff, like we went to do a Four Pillars Gin making, different training days, and lots of food tastings. And also just the everyday things like having a boogie behind the bar, or when someone says something so funny that your tummy hurts. But every day and every week there’s a new favourite memory.”


Why should someone look at joining the Applejack team as a manager?

“I think that if you are looking for somewhere that’s fun, vibrant and where every day is different, a job in Management at Applejack is for you.”


Looking for a job with career progression, training, and where every day is different? A job in Management at Applejack is for you!

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