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Applejack Cocktail Competition

We held our annual Applejack Cocktail Competition!

Eight finalists put their skills to the test, creating unique and delicious cocktails starring Four Pillars Gin, in a competition to remember.

Taste these in-house creations this December at each bartender’s respective venues, with $1 of every cocktail sold going straight to its creator! Find out the cocktails & where you can taste one down below.

Applejack bartenders were tasked with creating their own unique cocktail encompassing the four elements of life: water, earth, air & fire, as well as showcasing their choice of Four Pillars Gin.

Keep reading for a low-down on how the evening went, plus the 8 signature cocktails created for the competition.


Applejack staff and the 8 contestants gathered at Four Pillars Lab in Surry Hills, with a welcome drink on arrival the afternoon started with a chance for all staff to mingle and catch up with each other before the action really began. Each contestant was given 5 minutes to create their cocktail, explaining to the crowd the steps they are taking and the inspiration behind the drink. The three judges then tasted the drinks judging the cocktails based on flavour, appearance, and the presentation.

Congratulations to all our competitors & a special shout-out to… our winner Matt Johnson from Forrester’s, Laura Veal from The Botanist, and Eli Blaszczynski from RAFI. It was a fantastic night, thanks to our judges, Four Pillars, and all who came and supported our Applejack cocktail creators!


Taste these in-house creations this December at each respective venue, with $1 of every cocktail sold going directly to its creator.

Check out each contestant’s cocktail below…

Matt Johnson - "Sucker Punch" Forrester's

Four Pillars Spice Trade Gin, Regal Rogue ‘Lively White’ Vermouth, citrus, pineapple, ginger, mint stem – milk clarified 

Rocks glass, large ice block, pineapple and ginger shard 

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Laura Veal - "Take Me Back To Then" The Botanist

Four Pillars Yuzu Gin, clarified rockmelon, lemon myrtle, verjuice, basil, finger lime cream

Rocks, large ice block, charred prosciutto 

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Elijah Blaszczynski - "Modern Mimosa" RAFI North Sydney

Four Pillars Modern Australian Gin, orange superjuice, lemon myrtle prosecco – clarified

Nick & Nora, no garnish 

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Lucy Hadfield - "South Coast" RAFI North Sydney

Four Pillars Yuzu Gin, Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin, lemon super juice, lacto fermented blueberry, apple cider, lemon zest sea foam

Coupe, blueberry citrus dust 

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Tristan Fisher - "Wattled Away"  SoCal Neutral Bay

Four Pillars Yuzu Gin, Brookie’s Macadamia & Wattleseed Liqueur liqueur, orange, lemon, orgeat, rosemary

Rocks, large ice block, rosemary sprig 

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Payge Eminovski - "Running out of tyme" Forrester's

Four Pillars Yuzu Gin, thyme, cucumber, lemon, black pepper

Rocks glass, regular ice, lemon twist and thyme sprig 

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Emily Benchoam - "The Strawb" RAFI North Sydney

Four Pillars Yuzu Gin, Brookie’s Macadamia & Wattleseed liqueur, strawberry & balsamic shrub, lime, aquafaba

Nick & Nora, strawberry head garnish 

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Chester Travers - "The Chilli Holiday" Bopp & Tone

Four Pillars Yuzu Gin, Lillet Blanc, mixed berry, lemon, cucumber, green chilli, lemon myrtle

Rocks, large ice block, lemon myrtle leaf 

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Gin lovers unite! Head in for some delicious cocktails & support our contestants!

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