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5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Gin

We’re celebrating World Gin Day across Applejack this June.

Love gin? Keep reading to find out 5 fun facts about the spirit!

Gin was originally created as medicine and actually has several health benefits. For centuries it was sold in pharmacies as medicine for the treatment of gout & dyspepsia. It is proven today that it does have several health benefits (when drunk in moderation). It can help fight infection as it is high in vitamin C, antioxidants, and has anti-fungal properties. Plus it is low in calories and can assist in blood circulation. Now there’s a few reasons right there to enjoy a gin & tonic tonight!

Gin was created in Holland not England.
It was originally created as ‘Jenever’ by the Dutch during the war in the 17th century. The term ‘Dutch courage’ came from the British troops being given Jenever during the war to keep their spirits up. It is said the English liked it so much they ‘borrowed’ the spirit and 150 years created ‘gin’. The origin of gin is still questioned today, as it is well documented that Juniper berries mixed with alcohol was used centuries before this by monks in the Mediterranean.

Gin, unlike most other spirits, was not created to be drunk neat. It is better when mixed with other flavours. From the gin & tonic, to the gin martini & negroni, ask any bartender what the most used spirit is and it would be gin! The botanical flavours pair well with a range of flavours, making it perfect for cocktails.

Gin was almost endangered.
The main ingredient of gin, Juniper berries come from Juniper trees, which were almost wiped out. In recent years there was a widespread outbreak of a fungus attacking Juniper trees that almost destroyed the population of Juniper. Experts have now stored millions of seeds to ensure the future of gin is secure. Imagine a world with no gin?

London Dry Gin doesn’t actually have to come from London. It actually refers to how it is made, rather than where it is made. It is a style of gin that has to be distilled at a certain alcohol percentage and no flavour must be added except for water and sugar.

Gin lovers rejoice as we celebrate National Gin Day with a number of exciting events at Applejack! Find out all the details below:

How you can celebrate World Gin Day at Applejack

Tap Rooms X Beefeater Gin Garden

Tap Rooms X Beefeater Gin Garden

Taprooms in collaboration with Beefeater Gin is bringing a little touch of London to The Rocks. Marvel at our floral installation, while sipping on our special gin cocktail menu!

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World Gin Week at Forrester's

World Gin Week at Forrester's

Celebrate World Gin Day with a whole week dedicated to the spirit. Taste your way through our Four Pillars X Strangelove limited edition cockatil menu.

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Visit our venues & enjoy gin based cocktails

Visit our venues & enjoy gin based cocktails

Gin is the most commonly used spirit in classic cockatils, so what better way to celebrate than making your way around our venues tasting different cocktails!

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